The Daily Sentinel was Staffordshire’s first daily newspaper

North Staffordshire’s popular daily newspaper, The Sentinel, started life in 1854.

Originally called The Staffordshire Sentinel and Commercial Advertiser, the first edition was printed and published from offices in Cheapside, Hanley on January 7th, 1854.

A weekly paper, which cost 3d, The Sentinel supported the Liberal Party and campaigned successfully to make Hanley a borough.

Its first editor was Thomas Phillips, a bookseller and printer from Northampton, who remained with the paper until 1859.

During 1860, Thomas Andrews Potter, a journalist who had worked on The Bradford Observer, bought The Sentinel becoming its owner/editor.

Introducing himself to Sentinel readers, Potter wrote in his first leader:

“It will be the aim of the new proprietor to make… the Sentinel increasingly valued as the paper of this populous and thriving district. The wants of the locality will be carefully studied, and its passing events will be fully and truthfully recorded through the agency of an efficient staff of reporters and correspondents.”

At 4.00pm on April 15th, 1873, Potter brought out Staffordshire’s first daily paper, The Daily Sentinel, which had four pages and cost a halfpenny.

The Daily Sentinel was a great success, and by the end of the year, it had readers throughout The Potteries and in Congleton, Macclesfield, Leek, Stafford, Market Drayton, Uttoxeter and Crewe.


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