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Focus on The Potteries

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The pottery industry is what Stoke On Trent is well known for. Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, Dudson, Portmeirion, and Emma Bridgewater are popular bands of pottery that came/ come from the area throughout the 17th century. Delicate craftsmen/ women took pride in their work to produce some of the best china and ceramics that came out of Stoke On Trent.

This industry is something that has sadly faded out due to geographical mobility as potteries and ceramics are now cheaper to mass produce abroad. Museums such as ‘Gladstone Pottery Museum’ keep the history of the potteries alive by offering a hands on experience to create your own pots and ceramics such as flowers to give individuals a taste of the creativeness that went in to each piece as well as giving insight in to the life of a worker through walking around the preserved pottery factory. From stepping back in time it allows…

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