You can help Tunstall keep its Co-Op Bank

If you care about Tunstall and want the town to have a future, please go to the market and help the stallholders’ campaign to stop the Co-Op Bank leaving.

You can support the campaign by signing the traders’ petition asking the bank to stay.

Barclays, Nat West and HSBC have already left. Tunstall can’t afford to lose another bank.

If the Co-Op Bank goes, there will be only one bank left in town. The number of people shopping in Tunstall will fall dramatically. More shops in High Street, Tower Square and The Boulevard will close. Tunstall will become a ghost town. 

You can help save Tunstall. All you have to do is visit the market and sign the petition.

The market is open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can sign the petition at either J. Bryan’s stall or at The Market Grill.