Up ‘Anley Duck

Literature Moments

A night out in Stoke doesn’t fill many people with excitement. Whether you’re from the city or just visiting, there’s not much that Hanley has to offer.

If you’re not from Stoke then you’ve probably never heard of Hanley and you’re unlikely to know about the minimal array of nightclubs that it hosts. I believe I can count all of them on 2 hands (or 1 hand if you’re from Cheadle – a town well known in Stoke for it’s incestual nature).

First of all, I need to explain the difference between ‘Anley and ‘Castle. Stoke doesn’t have just one ‘town’ to go out. There are 2 options available to the party goer.

1. ‘Castle Friday’s

Newcastle-under-Lyme is your best option if you’re going out on a Friday night. The locals appear to have chosen this as their weekly routine. In Castle you’ll find numerous bars and clubs that are…

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