Insurance giant Autonet has given away £20,000 to Stoke community groups


Insurance giant Autonet has given away £20,000 to Stoke community groups

It is good news for community groups and charity organizations in Staffordshire as Autonet has gone on a giveaway spree. This has come as a huge relief for our community groups as they continue their good work of helping those in need. Autonet which is celebrating its 20th birthday planned a huge giveaway event to donate funds worth £20,000 for community groups. The grants were announced in the denominations from £1000 to £10000. The giveaway received a fantastic response as the company announced that it received a total of 137 applications and more than 27000 votes.

Autonet announced the winners of the giveaway recently in award function held at The Potter’s Club. Here is a small list of winners who were awarded recently.

  • Stoke Air Cadets were given £1000 to purchase a life-saving defibrillator.
  • Pink Sisters Breast Cancer were given £1000 to purchase a laptop, printer and a projector.
  • The…

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