Scarratt’s Tunstall – A town with 50 Houses

In his book “Old Times In The Potteries” published in 1906, William Scarratt tells us there were 50 houses in Tunstall in 1740.

These houses, which Scarratt called cottages, were built of brick. Most had tiled roofs although a few were thatched. A house called The Cottage at Clay Hills was thatched as were cottages in America Street, a building at the Round Well (where Ladywell Road joins Roundwell Street) and six properties in Watergate Street.

Whether thatched or tiled, these two storey houses had four rooms. Known as “two up and two down”, they had two rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs. On the ground floor was a large front room behind which was a small back room. Upstairs there were two bedrooms.

There were some houses with tiled roofs at The Flash, near where High Street becomes Brownhills Road, and six more on the site of the former community centre built in the 1990s, which is now occupied by Tunstall Children’s Centre.

A group of buildings stood on the site where the town hall and the market hall were erected during the second half of the 19th century. There were houses in Mill Street (The Boulevard) and near the Swan Inn in High Street.

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