Market Traders Can Benefit From Tesco Cuts

Market traders in North Staffordshire, The Potteries and South Cheshire can benefit from Tesco’s plans to close its delicatessen counters and stop selling fresh meat and fish.

Struggling retail giant Tesco, which needs to cut costs by £1.5 billion before 2020, has already reduced the number of products sold in its stores. Now, it is reported that the company’s chief executive, Dave Lewis, plans to reduce the range even further and make up to 15,000 employees redundant.

Many customers who do their weekly shopping at Tesco are looking for new places to shop, and retail experts predict that Tesco will lose many regular customers if Dave Lewis goes ahead with his cost-cutting scheme.

Local markets already sell most of the things that can be bought in supermarkets.

Unlike supermarkets, which are large and impersonal, market traders give their customers personal service and have the time to talk about the products they sell.

Well-Planned publicity and advertising campaigns run by market traders will attract new customers because supermarkets no longer sell the things they want to buy.

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  • January 30, 2019

    Tesco has confirmed that it is going to close its fresh food counters in 90 stores. This will give local shops and market traders who sell meat, fish, groceries or provisions an opportunity to attract new customers and increase their sales.


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