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NewsDesk – Shire Hall Forum Meeting

Shire Hall Stafford


The next meeting of Stafford’s Shire Hall Forum, which is campaigning to turn the Shire Hall into a TimeLine Museum dedicated to Women’s History,  will take place on Monday, March 26th at 7.00 pm in The Bird in Hand, Mill Street, Stafford.

Spotlight on Stafford – Women’s History Museum will regenerate Stafford

Spotlight on Stoke supports the Shire Hall Forum’s campaign to re-open Stafford’s historic Shire Hall and create a permanent Timeline Museum dedicated to Women’s History.

Heritage tourism is big business. It is a rapidly growing industry. Over 40 million visitors are expected to come to Britain in 2018 and spend at least £25 million during their stay. Tourism is one of the United Kingdom’s most important industries. It stimulates economic growth and creates jobs. Local authorities who fail to recognise the importance of heritage tourism are burying their heads in the sand.

Economists estimate that a family visiting a major tourist attraction in a town like Stafford spends between £70 and £90 in local shops and restaurants. Creating a Timeline Museum dedicated to Women’s History in the Shire Hall would put Stafford on the international tourist map and regenerate the town centre.