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Spotlight on Tunstall’s Heritage Market

Heritage tourism is big business. More than 4.7 million tourists visit Stoke-on-Trent each year.

Tunstall’s heritage market will be 200 years old on September 20th, 2017.

Spotlight on Stoke believes that everyone who cares about Tunstall’s future should back the market’s bi-centennial celebrations and help to make them a success.

Tourists spend a lot of money when they visit a town.

The bi-centennial celebrations will put Tunstall on Stoke-on-Trent’s tourist trail and help to regenerate the town centre.

Royal Doulton Art Nouveau

Few designs have the followers of this particular Royal Doulton art nouveau design. Well over a century after its introduction in 1909, today collectors still compete for unusual items featuring this iconic design. Although it had a relatively long production period until sometime after the outbreak of WWII, examples of it, other than rack plates […]

First posted 13th August 2017. To read more visit Collecting Royal Doulton’s Poppies ‘B’ seriesware. — doultoncollectorsclub

Camera in the City – Chatterley Whitfield

Chatterley Whitfield (July 1995)


© David Martin (1995) and The MartinCooper Collection (2017)

Three Counties Open Art Exhibition

Art Exibition

Focus on Fenton: Fenton Library

Brief description The site was gifted to the town by William Meath Baker (the Baker family owned a large pottery business in Fenton, and the street the library is on, is called Baker Street). The architect was F.R. Lawson. Current status: Closed as a library in 2011, but see article linked below – plans are […]

First posted 6th August 2017. To read more visit Fenton library — The Carnegie legacy in England

Focus on Hanley – 6X6 Reading Cafe

Burslem: Young Actor’s Drama Project

Young Actors (Burslem)

Hitchman Street Conservation Area

Hitchman Street is located in Fenton, one of the six towns of Stoke-on-Trent. Hitchman Street Conservation Area consists of thirteen red brick terraced dwellings and a shop which hinges around the corner from Victoria Road. The buildings date from 1889 and there is a date stone of 1890 to mark their completion. Another terracotta […]

(First posted 4th July 2017)

To read more go to Fenton: Hitchman Street and Victoria Road — Drawing the Detail

Focus on Stoke: My new sewing studio

Earlier in the summer I had the opportunity to move from my lovely studio 27 at ACAVA Studios: Spode Works to a bigger space (2.5 times as big!) in the same Studio complex. Although it’s a scary prospect (2.5 times bigger means 2.5 times the rent!) I feel increasingly sure that I want to focus on […]

(First posted on August 1st, 2017)

To read the full post visit Introducing my new sewing studio — Very Berry Handmade

Focus on Tunstall: Things Change

One of the main places I went and photographed is now being flattened, the process started last year and is now in full swing. The old disused Clanway Lane leading out of Tunstall was lined with trees and shrubs, it was messy and wild, to one side a rough feral edgeland, full of interest – this […]

(First posted on August 1st, 2017)

To read the full post visit Things change… — Tim Diggles

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